Recent Publications

A Survey of Differential Privacy-based Techniques and their Applicability to Location-Based Services, Computers & Security 2021
Subarray Skyline Query Processing in Array Databases, SSDBM 2021
Differentially Private Neural Networks with Bounded Activation Function, IEICE 2021
SkyFlow: A Visual Analysis of High-dimensional Skylines in Time-series, Journal of Visualization 2021
Successive Point-of-Interest Recommendation with Local Differential Privacy, IEEE Access 2021


Data Privacy
Research on preserving privacy in data analysis and sharing
- Differential privacy
- Privacy-preserving sharing of health data
- Privacy-preserving maching learning
- Federated learning
Spatial Data Management
Research on management of spatial data from location-based services and scientific fields.
- Spatial query processing
- Array data model
- Visualization
- In-memory management
- System automation by machine learning